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Pride Festival- The 4th edition of this signature event went off superbly thanks to the tireless efforts of PFLAG Longview and their planning committee. While Texas summer weather didn’t disappoint, the turnout was outstanding. Our Party and the Beto Campaign people were there in force to spread the word. We had two candidates show, Mike Collier spent a couple hours talking to visitors  and making the good citizens of Gregg (and other) counties aware that we have an alternative to “bathroom” Dan Patrick. This was after he spent a couple hours at Jason’s Deli talking with voters and giving a podcast interview to Drew Corbitt and Ben Dickson. Judicial Candidate, Steven Kirkland, was present and spoke to the crowd on his life as a gay man in Texas. 

Both the Beto and Party tents had voter registrations and as a result, a goodly number of new voters were signed up. 

Additionally, t-shirts, yard signs, campaign information was available from the Beto, Collier, and Kirkland campaigns

Thanks to JoAnne Snyder, Drew Corbitt, and others who helped with the setup, take down, and manning of our booth. By the way, we still have a good number of Collier T-shirts and yard signs remaining, the shirt sizes are limited but with the signs its one size fits all. 903 261-9197 if you want any.

Juneteenth- Broughton Park was once again the site of the Juneteenth celebrations and the Democratic Party of Gregg County was there to show the flag, along with the Democratic Women of East Texas, the Beto Campaign, and Deputy Voter Registrars. And, as usual, the food, entertainment, and fellowship were outstanding. Special thanks to Saleem Shabazz and others for keeping me company. 

July 4th—This year the Democratic Party reserved two spaces instead of one and invited any campaign reps to join us in flying the Progressive/Liberal Flag in the Exhibition Bldg on America’s Birthday. The Beto people took us up on the offer and Mary Lou Tevebaugh and Suzanne Lynn, along with lots of Beto swag made sure that anyone passing by knew that Ted Cruz wasn’t going to win in a walk, if at all. Special note and commendation to Steve Crane, the wrangler in chief, who never met a passer-by he couldn’t corral into hearing about Beto, Mike, or any Dem on the ticket. His enthusiasm and infectious camaraderie are irresistible.  Again we have the ever ready Deputy Voter Registrar Carlyn Short handling the voter registrations and doing her usual best with her always happy and upbeat personality. She makes the time spent a breeze.  A special shout out to Frank Supercinski who is always there to lend a hand with the taking down and loading up. We couldn’t have any kind of presence without his hard work and cheerful demeanor.

So, a gentle reminder that we will be doing all this again next year and hope we can have as many, if not more, of you present at these events when we can all celebrate the fact that the GOP control of all three branches of our Government only lasted 2 years and that here in Texas, the political world is decidedly purple, with a blueish tinge.


With the Primary and runoffs over, the emphasis from now through the Fall will be the campaigns. East Texas will not be forgotten during the campaign season. Thanks to all the hard work of people supporting Beto O’Rourke, Mike Collier, and Kim Olson as well as other candidates, we are on the list of places to visit for anyone running as a Democrat. Those people who have made this possible include but not limited to Mary Lou Tevebaugh, Toni Erskine, Suzanne Lynn, Josh Gibson, Drew Corbitt, Steve Crane and Ben Dickson.  Their hard work is an example of what dedication, commitment, and belief can accomplish. No longer can candidates pass us by as a place only good as a waste of resources. The hard work and day to day efforts put in by these and other Democrats has changed the landscape of East Texas and set an example for the rest of us. 

All of the major candidates for Statewide Office are scheduling visits to our area, so check the websites of the candidates or the party’s website ( and find out when and where you can hear them speak. Remember the campaigns still need volunteers to help with canvassing, phone banking, etc. Please contact the local people helping the campaigns and volunteer to help.

I’m asking each of you to join this crusade to make East Texas a place where Democrats are welcome, supported and get votes. Call the Party at 903 261-9197 to volunteer, or go on line to any campaign and make your voice heard.


As I’m sure many of you are aware, the Democratic Party of Gregg County meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6 PM. All are welcome, but there have been some changes.

1. We meet now at The ARC Coffee Shop on Tyler St. (diagonally across from the Silver Grizzly) 

2. Immediately following the CEC business meeting, the fun begins with our new social hour. We have speakers, forums, and actions planned. This is a great way to join in with all that is going on in Gregg Co. and East Texas and to spend some time with kindred spirits. The night includes a pot luck dinner and snacks so come prepared. 


We still need a regular infusion of cash to sustain the viability of the Democratic Party here in Gregg County. Our routine expenses (phone, storage, website, PO Box, office supplies, etc.) means we must take in $175.00 per month. And if we want to hold a special fundraising evert, we would need the cash to put any plan in motion.  So, any contribution helps and is greatly appreciated. You can send your donation to us at PO Box 1011, Longview TX 75606, or you can set up a sustaining monthly donation directly to our bank account from yours. Contact your bank for details.


As some of you are aware, the use of Social Media plays an important, some would say vital, part in the success of any organization or cause. Since the Democratic Party of Gregg County has begun use of a website and a Facebook page, we have seen a significant improvement in our ability to engage and grow. All of the hard work that goes into creating and maintaining our Web Page ( and a lot of the posts on FB have been due entirely to the efforts of Drew Corbitt. His expertise, dedication, and hard work have made it a success. But Drew can’t be expected to do all the work. We need a second individual who can step in and help when Drew is obliged to be elsewhere or spending time with his family. Anyone who wishes to contribute and has the requisite skills and time, please give me a call. (903 261-9197)


While this newsletter will initially go out to many fellow Dems via email, it will be posted on our website and hopefully seen by many more. Feedback is important, so feel free to post your thoughts, both positive and negative, either to me personally ( or made a comment online. Keep it constructive please.

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