Chair Thoughts: Down Ballot Please

Let me begin by stating clearly and emphatically, that I have, do, and will support Beto O’Rourke for the US Senate. What I am about to propose in no way diminishes my respect or enthusiasm for Beto. 

The excitement generated by Beto’s campaign, in funds, crowds, and volume of coverage is amazing. But if you weren’t aware of the season, you’d think the race for the US Senate was the only election taking place. In our excitement at having a candidate like Congressman O’Rourke, we may be in danger of forgetting that there are other races who’s outcome may have more immediate and lasting consequences than who will be our newest Senator. I’m referring to those State Elections for Lt. Governor, State Attorney General, and State Agriculture Commissioner. A quick recap if I may:

Lt. Governor- Dan Patrick

You may know him best for his attempts to undercut the Texas Public School System. You know the one that used to lead the nation? He wants school vouchers, to cut funding, to make the jobs of teachers even harder by limiting their compensation and retirement. Of course when he’s not busy messing with schools, he’s messing with who gets to use whose toilet. (Pun intended)

Our Candidate – Mike Collier

Mike wants to adequately fund both our schools and those dedicated individuals who have chosen to take on the responsibility of teaching our children. And he is more interested in how our schools are funded than which public facility they use. 

Check him out at:

Attorney General – Ken Paxton

Our Ken is serving as the top Law Enforcement Officer while under indictment in both State and Federal Courts. Perhaps he should be called “Pen” Paxton. His only claim to fame is his continued efforts to sue the government but since Trump has been in office, his workload has decreased. Now he’s busy defending Texas’ ID laws and gerrymandered districts.

Our Candidate – Justin Nelson

Hey, he’s not wanted by the Law so there’s that.

Check him out at:

Agriculture Commissioner – Sid Miller

You may know him for his insistence on putting his name on every gas pump in the State of Texas. Oh, and his use of taxpayer money to attend rodeos and get dubious injections. He’s good at vetting people (almost as good as the President), as he recently appointed a physician to a Rural program who has had his license revoked in not one but multiple States. Of course the fact that this charlatan gave copious amounts of money to Sid’s campaign played no part in that appointment.

Our Candidate – Kim Olsen

Kim is a retired Air Force pilot, an actual farmer/rancher, and has both the IQ, education, and experience to perform effectively as our Ag Commissioner. She’s aware that the State Dept of Agriculture is responsible for overseeing the School Lunch program in our schools and understands just how important that responsibility is.

Check her out at:

If you are as concerned about the direction our State is going as I am, then you know that these elected positions, along with our State reps and senators, can impact our lives on a daily basis. Please, when you get excited about Beto, spend a little time and enthusiasm on these other races by donating, make a donation, put up a sign, and volunteer. Beto will make a great Senator and make us proud, these races can have an immediate impact on our lives and those of our neighbors and our children.

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  1. We have to increase voter registration and turnout to change the trajectory of Texas politics, as long as the turnout is low we can expect the same old tired politicians getting elected. I’m not completely sure if the numbers are dead on accurate, but in the last election out of approximately 60,000 registered voters in Gregg county only approximately 30,000 even voted? The eligible voters in Gregg are approximately 170,000 … the numbers say it all. There has to be a concerted strategy to get people registered to vote across Gregg as well as Texas. It has to be done this summer not the 3rd week of October.

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