Chair Thoughts: Now It’s Time To Vote

For months, progressive organizations across East Texas have been holding rallies to register people to vote. No matter how restrictive you feel the voter ID laws may be, the fact remains that you cannot vote unless you register. I applaud all those enthusiastic workers and volunteers who took the time to become Deputy Voter Registrars, manned registration tables at numerous events, and engaged in the first step of empowering people to enjoy the benefits and privileges of a free and democratic society. And while that effort will, and must, continue, the fact remains that the time to register to vote in the 2018 Democratic Primary is almost up.

It is encouraging that we have increased the number of registered voters in our part of this great state, but while registration is vitally important, it is worthless unless that right is exercised by actually voting. While taking a few minutes to fill out a form, and then getting your voter registration card in the mail is justly a cause of pride, it pales in comparison to actually casting your vote. When you do that, you join the millions of Americans who, by exercising the franchise, have dedicated their voices to Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy.

Whether you vote during early voting, take advantage of the County Wide voting policy, or are eligible to vote by mail, completing that ballot fully, and casting your vote, makes you one of those true Americans who honor the sacrifice of every Military man and woman who ever wore the uniform and you should be proud.

But as you step up and prepare to cast that vote, I hope you do so prepared and knowledgeable about the candidate you choose. This election is not a contest between the two parties. It is an election to choose which Democrat will represent us in the General Election in November. To ensure we put our best candidate forward, we must go into that voting booth prepared to make a choice that could define the political climate for the next 2 to 4 years. Only by taking the time to examine each candidate, reading up on their experience, their ideas and desires when elected, can we be sure we choose the best to represent us as Democrats, and as Americans.

Please, now that you have taken the first step of registering, complete the job by educating yourself about the choice you are making. Take a few minutes away from your phone, your TV, and other daily distractions and make yourself not only a registered voter, but an informed one!!

– James Cogar

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